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“Breathe in New Life”

Activated Oxygen Therapy

Activated Oxygen, an innovative technology for improving vital functions of the body. A system that creates "energised air" that feeds every cell with oxygen in a bio form that can be absorbed and used more efficiently.

Energised oxygen promotes the creation of anti-oxidative enzymes at cellular level, reducing the production of harmful free radicals and optimising the body's immune system.

  • Boosts energy levels making you feel stronger, fitter and faster.

  • Increases concentration, mental agility and you feel more alert

  • Strengthens the immune system to fight infection or chronic disease

  • Stimulates circulation, heart, lung and brain function

Just 20 minutes of energised air leads to significant changes in the blood and an increase in function and efficiency of the heart and lungs.


Recommendation for Use

Activated Oxygen Therapy is specifically recommended for use by individuals wishing

  • to maintain and maximise health as the ageing process kicks in

  • as a therapy for many chronic and debilitating illness, including cardiovascular disease, lung conditions COPD and asthma as well as metabolic disorders such as diabetes, ME and CFS.

  • Individuals how smoke and wish to minimise the harmful effects to their body

  • sports personnel eager to improve performance

Other possible areas of application include: poor concentration, exhaustion, insomnia, burn-out syndrome, sleep apnoea, jetlag, hypertension, high cholesterol, bronchitis, pleurisy, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, rheumatic disease, acute/chronic pain, metabolic disorders of the liver, hormonal imbalances, skin disease, allergies, visual disturbances (macular degeneration),  Parkinson's and Alzheimer.


Positive Comments/Testimonals

R. Butler - Macular Degeneration, "Five months and my eyesight has improved enormously. The moisture at the back of the eye has completely cleared and I have been discharged from the Eye Hospital".


Dr. C Steele - "Activated Oxygen boosts antioxidants, taking away free radicals. (A high level of free radicals is a common denominator in most diseases). Certainly helps patients with M.E/CFS and any degenerative disease like macular degeneration, arthritis and heart disease".


Dr. K Erpenbach - Conclusion COPD Study, "Under Activated Oxygen Therapy, COPD patients experience a marked improvement in their exercise capacity (walking distance, stair-climbing) an improvement in their lung function and a reduction in the inflammatory activity of the disease. None of the patients experienced exacerbation of the COPD during the follow-up observation period".

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