Natural relief from menopausal hot flushes

The natural power of essential oils, carried in an organic, paraben-free cream.

Formulated to alleviate hot flushes whilst also aiding low moods, anxiety and lack of sleep.



Lavender naturally induces a good night’s sleep even after night sweats and, indirectly, helps with ‘brain fog’. Stress is a common trigger and anxiety or not being able to think clearly exacerbates symptoms, so the presence of Lavender essential oil in Menomagic helps to keep you calm, which then helps you think more clearly.


Clary Sage the powerhouse and most effective essential oil help balance hormones naturally, rather than achieving this by synthesising hormones, such as oestrogen, artificially. Also promotes a cooling sensation to the body when applied during a hot flush.


Peppermint promotes a cooling and refreshing sensation to the body when applied during a hot flush or night sweat.


Rose Geranium is an extremely powerful oil helping to balance hormones naturally, and its uplifting properties combat low moods and anxiety.


How to apply the cream?

When you feel a hot flush coming on, apply a small amount of Menomagic to your inner wrists (or other pulse points such as behind ears or side of neck), rub together and release. The essential oils will then work their magic to cool and calm you, as well as help to rebalance your hormones naturally. The same approach applies during a night sweat. We also recommend applying a pump of Menomagic before sleeping, to help reduce the likelihood of a night sweat developing.


The importance of paraben-free?

One of the many concerns for women, whether they are going through the menopause or not, is whether a cosmetic product contains parabens. This is due to some research suggesting that parabens mimic oestrogen, which has then been linked to breast cancer and other illnesses. Whilst this may not be the case, please be assured the product is paraben-free.





“At last a product that actually helps my hot flushes, just a small amount is required and it smells fantastic, Brilliant”.
Carol, Kendal



“I am male. I am being treated with hormone therapy to control prostate cancer which produces the same symptoms as female menopause and hot flushes. From the 1st night I used the cream, I slept right through the night, what a great relief, WOW!. This really does work, thank you”



“Stops my hot flushes instantly, amazing!”
Marie, Kingsbridge



“I used the cream for 2 weeks for sleepless nights and mood swings. I have fibromyalgia and lupus and to my amazement, I have slept through the night and my fatigue has improved. I would highly recommend anyone to give the product a go and see for yourself how it works”
Margaret, Nairn




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& Packing

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